ELIXIR-CONVERGE - The why of research data management

More and more funders require researchers to develop data management plans (DMPs). These plans should stimulate the researcher to consider from the beginning of the project to consider all aspects of data management.

The video by ELIXIR-CONVERGE WP2 is a training material developed for researchers to learn about data management plans, from data stewards to FAIR principles.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Keywords: Data Life Cycle, Data Steward, Data, Data access management, Data management plan, Data managment plan, Data handling, ELIXIR-CONVERGE

Target audience: Researcher in life sciences, Research scientists

Resource type: Video

Status: Active



Learning objectives:

After watching this video, you will be able to cite the main steps of data management, and why they are so important.

Date created: 2023-06-01

Date modified: 2023-06-01

Date published: 2023-06-01

Authors: Dayane Araujo, Federico Bianchini, Anastasia Chasapi, Vilem Ded, Nazeefa Fatima, Mijke Jetten, Paulette Lieby, Jessica Lindvall, Patricia Palagi, Grégoire Rossier, Helena Schnitzer, Daniel Wibberg

Contributors: ELIXIR-CONVERGE WP2 members

Scientific topics: Data management, FAIR data, Data submission, annotation, and curation, Data security, Data integration and warehousing

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