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Find out more at https://djinnome.github.io/2017-06-26-pnnl/

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Workshop Content: Introduction to long-read sequencing Practical considerations when performing long-read sequencing and analysis Introduction to the command line interface and NGS file formats Short and long-read de novo genome assembly (microbial) Comparison between short and long-read...

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics

Keywords: Genomics

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Keywords: Types of Oncology, Cancer Screening Tests, Organ Specific Cancer, Carcinoma, Cancer Biomarkers

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Find out more at https://oneilsh.github.io/2017-09-14-osucgrb/

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Find out more at https://chpc-carpentry.github.io/2017-07-19-Mauritius/

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A fully contained course for GGPLOT2

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