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[ONLINE] Parallel and GPU Programming in Python @SURF

Scope of the course The Python programming language has become more and more popular among researchers for its simplicity and the availability of specific programming libraries, and at the same time the correct exploitation of heterogeneous architectures presents challenges for the development...

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1. General description 2. Who is it for? 3. Format 4. Schedule 5. Instructors and helpers 6. How to join 7. Prerequisites 8. Contact person https://events.prace-ri.eu/event/1179/

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Python has tremendous popularity in scientific computing owing to the language extensibility, rich ecosystem and convenience for scientists to develop and prototype codes productively. While using Python may offer many simpler ways to achieve the same result, finding the most efficient means to...

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38th Workflow Meetup

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PLEASE NOTE that this course will be taught live online, with tutors available to help you throughout if have any questions. All resources and lectures will be recorded and uploaded to the course VLE page so that you will be able to access that information even if technical or time zone...

Keywords: HDRUK

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Introduction to Nextflow workshop

workshop materials (mainly) in DSL2 aiming to get familiar with the Nextflow syntax by explaining basic concepts and building a simple RNAseq pipeline. Highlights also reproducibility aspects with adding containers (docker & singularity). Slides available...

Scientific topics: Workflows

Keywords: Nextflow, DSL2

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