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IBISBA 1.0 First Webinar Series

How to accelerate your research or technology and get subsidised access to top research infrastructure This first webinar series will be structured in four courses and will illustrate: 1) How Systems and Synthetic Biology applied to Industrial Biotechnology can...

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EMBL-EBI Workshop: Mathematics of life workshop: “Modelling molecular mechanisms: from basic science to drug discovery”

The one-day workshop includes scientific talks from 3 distinguished speakers who will showcase how modelling is useful in fundamental research as well as pharmaceutical industry, a tutorial session on modelling of normal and disease pathways using simulation software, COPASI, and an extended...

Keywords: HDRUK

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Integrating publications into bioinformatics analysis

Research literature contains a wealth of information that can be extracted at scale using text-mining technologies. To make text-mining data available to a wider group of researchers, the publications database, Europe PMC, provides access to millions of text-mined annotations, such as genes and...

Keywords: HDRUK

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IBISBA 1.0 First Webinar Series

IBISBA 1.0 First Webinar Series =============================== ![IBISBA 1.0 First Webinar Series](http://www.ibisba.eu/var/internet6_national_ibisba/storage/images/home/latest-updates/ibisba-1.0-first-webinar-series/41043-1-eng-GB/IBISBA-1.0-First-Webinar-Series_inra_image.jpg "IBISBA 1.0...

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Teaching Workshop: Content- to Outcomes (using the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics as a tool for curriculum design)

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Single cell RNA-seq data analysis with R

This international hands-on course covers several aspects of single cell RNA-seq data analysis, ranging from clustering and differential gene expression analysis to trajectories, cell type identification and spatial transcriptomics. The course is kindly sponsored by the ELIXIR EXCELERATE...

Scientific topics: RNA-Seq

Keywords: RNA-Seq, Single Cell technologies, scRNA-seq

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Human Protein Atlas (HPA) - Introductory YouTube video

On the Human Protein Atlas you can study in which tissues and cells your favorite protein is expressed. In this live demo from AACR, you can learn how to find tissue specific proteins, see IHC stainings of proteins in normal and cancer tissues and explore proteins expressed in the mouse

Scientific topics: Gene expression, Protein expression

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Text mining: Key concepts and applications

EMBL-EBI presents this talk on an introduction to text mining and its applications in service provision. The 1st part of this talk focuses on what text mining is and some of the methods and available tools. The 2nd part looks at how to find articles on Europe PMC - a free literature resource for...

Keywords: Literature, Text mining

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Extracting research evidence from publications

Bioinformaticians are routinely handling big data, including DNA, RNA, and protein sequence information. It’s time to treat biomedical literature as a dataset and extract valuable facts hidden in the millions of scientific papers. This webinar demonstrates how to access text-mined literature...

Keywords: Literature

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Europe PMC, programmatically

Europe PMC is an open repository, providing access to worldwide biomedical literature, including articles, books, patents, and clinical guidelines. More than 32 million abstracts (27 million from PubMed) and 4 million full-text articles can be freely accessed through Europe PMC in a single...

Keywords: Literature, Programmatic Access, Europe PMC Articles RESTful API

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