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Webinar: Metadata in Science

This webinar gives you a quick introductions on metadata usage in research data. Metadata needs to be standardized in order to be able to compare data to other data. Metadata schemes are the overall structure for the metadata.

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Software Carpentry - University of Toronto

Find out more at https://jordanpedersen.github.io/2019-03-11-UniversityofToronto/

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4th Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Conference

Instruct is a distributed European Research Infrastructure, which provides scientists with access to all major cutting edge technologies that enable biomacromolecular structure determination at atomic resolution. Access to all of these technologies has been available to European member...

Scientific topics: Structural biology

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Best practices in programming 2019

This workshop is organised by the SIB PhD Training Network. Priority is given to its members, but is open to everyone.

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Data, lights, camera, action! Scientific visualization done beautifully @SURFsara

Would you like to make 3D visualisations that are visually more attractive than what ParaView or VisIt can provide? Do you need an image for a grant application that needs to look spectacular? Would you like to create a cool animation of flying through your simulation data? Then this course...

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