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Administration of Galaxy Servers (setting up, Docker use, databases, ...) can be a complex task Questions of the tutorial: - What is the release cycle of Galaxy? - What do I need to do before updating my Galaxy server? - How to upgrade Galaxy to a new release? Objectives of the tutorial: -...

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This lesson uses SAFI_clean.csv. The direct download link for this file is: https://ndownloader.figshare.com/files/11492171. When time comes in the lesson to use this file, we recommend that the instructors, place the download.file() command in the Etherpad, and that the learners copy and paste...

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The challenge with this lesson is that the instructor’s version of the spreadsheet software is going to look different than about half the room’s. It makes it challenging to show where you can find menu options and navigate through. Instead discuss the concepts of quality control, and how things...

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The IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY is an expert‐curated, open‐access database of information on drug targets and the substances that act on them. This unit describes the procedures for searching and downloading ligand‐target binding data and for finding detailed annotations and the most...

Scientific topics: Immunology, Pharmacology

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There is a separate file for the setup instructions for installing OpenRefine (setup). Introduction Working with OpenRefine Filtering and Sorting Examining Numbers in OpenRefine

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