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Software Carpentry - New York Academy of Sciences

Find out more at https://matthewclark1223.github.io/2019-01-26-nyas-R/

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Carpentries Instructor Training course/event (Elixir)

Room Air/Fire Web page Carpentries Instructor Training Course: https://carpentries.github.io/instructor-training/

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Galaxy for linking bisulfite sequencing with RNA sequencing

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Exploring Biodiversity through Bioinformatics

This course aims to provide knowledge on available approaches, methods and tools to perform studies on biodiversity employing modern high-throughput sequencing approaches.

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Data Science in Python

This course covers concepts and strategies for working more effectively with Python with the aim of writing reusable code, using function and libraries. Participants will acquire a working knowledge of key concepts which are prerequisites for advanced programming in Python e.g. writing modules...

Scientific topics: Biology, Bioinformatics

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FAIRsharing Educational Material

Whether you are a researcher, standard/database developer, funder, journal editor, librarian or data manager, FAIRsharing can help you understand which standards are mature and appropriate to your use case. By mapping the relationships between standards and the databases that implement them, or...

Keywords: Databases, Standards, Data Policies, FAIR

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Adding schema.org to a GitHub Pages site

This guide will show you how to do add schema.org to GitHub Pages.

Scientific topics: Computer science

Keywords: Mark-up, Bioschemas, Interoperability

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