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ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee #5: Data Management with Data Stewardship Wizard

This short presentation was presented as part of the Friday Coffee presentation series organized by the ELIXIR CZ infrastructure and offered students a basic insight into data management and data management plans, which are important (not only) for the success of scientific projects, but...

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: data management plan, data stewardship, FAIR, data management, software tools

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A Gentle Introduction to DSW for Convergers

[Data Stewardship Wizard](https://ds-wizard.org) brings together data stewards and researchers to efficiently compose data management plans (DMPs) for their research projects. Data stewards capture their knowledge and expertise in so-called knowledge models that are turned into smart...

Scientific topics: Data governance, Data management

Keywords: Data managment plan, data stewardship, data management, software tools

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DSW Template Development Kit: The Tutorial

[Data Stewardship Wizard](ds-wizard.org) is a flexible questionnaire-based tool that uses Jinja2 templates to produce documents. It allows creating documents in practically any textual format. Such documents can be intended for both humans (HTML, Markdown, reStructuredText, etc.) and machines...

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: data stewardship, data management plan, FAIR, data management, software tools, DMP templates, template development

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Train-the-Trainer course for Data Managers and Data Management Trainers

The ELIXIR Train the Trainer program (TtT) aims to build a network of trainers to allow them to benefit from reciprocal support and discussion. ELIXIR TtT courses aim to give new instructors tools and tips for providing an enriching learning experience to trainees, irrespective of the topic, and...

Keywords: training, TtT, Train the Trainer, pedagogy, ELIXIR-CONVERGE, e-learning, on-line

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Workshop FAIR & Data stewardship for the 2020 ITN ProEVLifeCycle

This material is part of an introductory FAIR data stewardship workshop for the Marie Curie ITN ProEVLifeCycle (The prostate cancer Extracellular Vesicle LifeCycle)

Scientific topics: FAIR data, Data management

Keywords: Data analysis, Data management planning, Data processing, Data sharing, Data collection, Data preserving, Data reuse

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Workshop FAIR & Data stewardship for the 2020 ITN COSMIC

This material is part of an introductory data stewardship workshop for the Marie Curie ITN COSMIC project (Combatting Disorders of Adaptive Immunity with Systems MedICine).

Scientific topics: Data management, FAIR data

Keywords: Data analysis, Data collection, Data management planning, Data preserving, Data processing, Data reuse, Data sharing

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Australian BioCommons 2021 Showcase

Australian BioCommons projects draw key players together to deliver complex enhancements and new solutions for the digital life sciences. Join us to discover the breadth of our activities, review the impact we’re having and connect over a collaborative vision for the future of Australian...

Scientific topics: Human genetics, Computational biology, Genomics, Bioinformatics

Keywords: Cloud computing, BioCloud, Human genomics, Bioinformatics, Research infrastructure

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WORKSHOP: Refining genome annotations with Apollo

Genome annotation is crucial to defining the function of genomic sequences. This process typically involves a round of automated annotation followed by manual curation. Manual curation allows you to visualise your annotations so you can understand what your organism looks like, and then to...

Scientific topics: Genomics

Keywords: Apollo, genome annotation, genome curation

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AM21 Applied Metagenomics

This course will give a comprehensive introduction to the research field of metagenomics. It will cover the basic concepts of microbiome analysis of shotgun metagenomic data using state of the art bioinformatics (amplicon sequencing will not be covered). The analysis methods that are being...

Scientific topics: Metagenomic sequencing, Metagenomics

Keywords: Metagenomics

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PO21 Precision Oncology

Precision Oncology (PO) is already revolutionizing healthcare and will play a dominant role in the future of cancer therapy. PO integrates tumor multi-omic profiles and data that reflect the course of the disease, lifestyle and environment to guide clinical decisions during cancer patient journey...

Scientific topics: Oncology

Keywords: Clinical oncology, Variant calling, Drug Targetting

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