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Frequently asked questions

Who can register content in TeSS?

We welcome any training content relevant to people working in the life sciences and adjacent fields.

How do I register content in TeSS?

You can register content in TeSS automatically or manually.

To add content manually, you will need to log in and fill in the registration form for either materials or events.

TeSS can also automatically register content from an external website, or other source on the web.

See here for more information.

Why register content in TeSS?

Registering training events and materials in TeSS makes them more findable in a variety ways to various user bases.

Training in TeSS can be discovered...

  • in TeSS, by visitors browsing TeSS or subscribing to notifications.
  • in search engine results, owing to our search-engine optimisation.
  • through other websites that display TeSS content either using our embeddable widgets or our public API.

Can I display TeSS content on my organisation's website?

Yes, a selection of embeddable widgets are available to display training events and materials from TeSS in a variety of formats.

Click here to see examples of widgets and how to use them.

Can I subscribe to updates?

TeSS provides a customizable subscription service, letting you choose exactly what types of training you want to be notified about.

Choose how you would like receive updates:

  • Email - Daily, weekly or monthly emails containing a digest of new events or materials.
  • Calendar - See new events directly to your online calendar.
  • RSS feed - View new events in an RSS reader.