• ChIP-seq workflow

    Basic workflow for ChIP-seq analysis

    Topic: ChIP-seq

  • ChIP-seq workflow (with intermediate data)

    Basic workflow for ChIP-seq analysis

    Topic: ChIP-seq

  • EBI metagenomics pipeline 2.0

    EBI metagenomics pipeline 2.0

  • EMBER: A practical guide to Bioinformatics

    This practical introduces a range of Web-based databases and tools, allowing their relative strengths and weaknesses to be compared. The practical comprises several modules, each broken down into simple steps.

  • Homology Modelling with SWISS-MODEL

    This is the workflow of homology modelling with the SWISS-MODEL expert system

    SWISS-MODEL is a web-based integrated service dedicated to protein structure homology modelling. It guides the user in building protein homology models at different levels of...

  • Image analysis

    Imaging (http://edamontology.org/topic_3382)

    Bioimage informatics (EDAM-bioimaging)

  • Meta-pipe


  • Phylogeny.fr "One Click" phylogeny

    Phylogeny.fr is a free, simple to use web service dedicated to reconstructing and analysing phylogenetic relationships between molecular sequences.
    Phylogeny.fr runs and connects various bioinformatics programs to reconstruct a robust phylogenetic tree from a set of sequences.

    The "one click"...

  • Protein Structure Modelling

    This is the a workflow of protein modelling.

  • READemption

    READemption is a pipeline for the computational evaluation of RNA-Seq data. It was originally developed to process dRNA-Seq reads (as introduced by Sharma et al., Nature, 2010 (Pubmed)) originating from bacterial samples. Meanwhile is has been extended to process data generated in different...

  • RNA-seq summarization with annotated genome

    Basic workflow for RNA-seq analysis to get to a count table.

  • Structural bioinformatics workflow

    A workflow with suggested common stages taken in structural bioinformatics

  • Text mining and annotation

    Natural language processing (http://edamontology.org/topic_0218)

  • Text mining and annotation (more detail)

    Natural language processing (http://edamontology.org/topic_0218)

  • TRUFA RNAseq

    TRUFA (Transcriptomes User-Friendly Analysis) is a free webserver designed to help you perform RNA-seq analysis.

    So far, TRUFA is allowing you to execute the following steps (programs used are specified in the parentheses):

    Reads cleaning:
    Reads quality control (FASTQC)
    Quality trimming...