ELIXIR Structural Bioinformatics 1: Getting a structure for a protein of interest

This training workflow is designed to lead you through the process of finding experimentally-determined structures for a protein you are interested in - or predicting structure information if one is not available.

It will then help guide you through visualising that structure as a prerequisite to moving on to other workflows to explore additional information relating to that structure. These next steps will begin to give you greater understanding of key protein features, domains and functional sites - along with knowledge of how genetic variation impacts on the structure.

This training workflow has been designed to help scientists new to the field of structural biololgy.

Typical users are expected to be wet-lab biologists, or even bioinformaticians unfamiliar with this aspect of computational biology, who have identified a protein of interest from their research - and who wish to explore the function of the protein in a structural context.

Keywords: protein structure, Protein structure visualisation

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