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The Team
  • Teresa K. Attwood
  • Carole Goble
  • Susanna-Assunta Sansone
Project Management
  • Niall Beard
Software Engineering
  • Finn Bacall
  • Milo Thurston
  • Niall Beard
Past Members
  • Aleksandra Nenadic - Project Manager
  • Aleksandra Pawlik - Project Manager

European Commission, Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructures programme (ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, grant agreement number 676559);

ELIXIR Implementation Study (Registry Integration from a User Perspective);

ELIXIR Implementation Study (Learning Paths).

BBSRC UK (Delivering ELIXIR-UK grant, grant agreement numbers BB/L005050/1 & BB/L005069/1).


The TeSS team would like to acknowledge the help of a number of groups and individuals, and thank them for useful discussions, feedback and assistance in developing TeSS - to name but a few:

  • ELIXIR technical staff and coordinators from the Hub, in particular Rafael Jimenez, Martin Cook and Premysl Velek
  • The ELIXIR Training Coordinators group, particularly Celia van Gelder, Patricia Palagi and Gabriella Rustici
  • The UK structural bioinformatics group, particularly Christine Orengo