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Statistical thinking for microbial ecology

Most microbial ecologists understand the importance of rigorous statistical analysis for conducting a replicable study. However, formal courses in the statistical analysis of high-dimensional ecological data are rare, and traditional courses in applied statistics may not teach skills applicable to modern microbiome analysis.This webinar will introduce foundational concepts in statistics, with a focus on applying these concepts to the analysis of modern microbiome datasets. To illustrate these concepts, we will use the field of "differential abundance" as a case study. We will contrast popular differential abundance parameters and estimators, specifically focusing on estimating meaningful contrasts using high-throughput sequencing data.You may either watch the entire presentation from the introduction or navigate directly to a specific section by clicking the links provided below:IntroductionThree approaches to analysing dataCase study: Microbial abundance parametersRadEmu and its applicationExamples of statistical tools suitable for different parametersQ&A

Resource type: Recorded webinar

Scientific topics: Microbial ecology, Microbiology

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