Recorded webinar

Genome3D annotations in InterPro

Genome3D provides consensus structural annotations and 3D models for sequences from ten model organisms, including human. These data are generated by several UK-based resources that together form the Genome3D consortium: SCOP, CATH, SUPERFAMILY, Gene3D, FUGUE, pDomTHREADER and PHYRE. InterPro, meanwhile, provides functional analysis of proteins by classifying them into homologous superfamilies and families, and by predicting domains, repeats and important sites, based on data from 14 member databases.

This webinar presents the new InterPro entry type, Homologous superfamily, as well as describing domain and structure predictions from Genome3D annotations, and how they are integrated in InterPro.

Keywords: Genome3D, Genome annotations, Protein domain prediction

Target audience: Clinicians, PhD students

Resource type: Recorded webinar

Scientific topics: Protein structure analysis, Protein structural motifs and surfaces

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