GA4GH Passports and ELIXIR AAI

The training (delivered 23 June 2021) consisted of one hour of presentations (recorded stream), followed by a hands-on exercise with a Virtual Machine. In the hands-on part the trainees integrate their VM to ELIXIR AAI as an OpenID Connect client to retrieve a GA4GH Passport. The client then presents the Passport to a Data API to authorise the API call and to stream a dataset. The VMs are available for the trainees for two weeks after the training.

Keywords: AAI , GA4GH, Passports, Auhtorisation

Resource type: Training materials, Video

Target audience: software developers, bioinformaticians

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Authors: Mikael Linden

Contributors: Stefan Negru, Teemu Kataja

GA4GH Passports and ELIXIR AAI The target group of the training is developers and administrators of services that want to make use of GA4GH Passports to authenticate a user and authorise them to call an API. Stefan Negru Teemu Kataja AAI , GA4GH, Passports, Auhtorisation software developers, bioinformaticians