BridgeDbR Tutorial

BridgeDb is a combination of an application programming interface (API), library, and set of data files for mapping identifiers for identical objects [1]. Identifier mapping databases are available for gene products and metabolites. This Bioconductor Vignette explains how to use BridgeDb in the R environment and describes the basic concepts (identifiers, data sources, mapping databases), and how to use BridgeDb mapping databases for identifier mapping, using several code examples.

Keywords: ELIXIR RIR, BridgeDb

Resource type: Tutorial, Vignette

Target audience: Biologists, Chemists

Difficulty level: Beginner

Authors: Egon Willighagen

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BridgeDbR Tutorial Bioconductor Vignette on how to use BridgeDb in the R environment for identifier mapping for genes, proteins, and metabolites. ELIXIR RIR, BridgeDb Biologists Chemists