Date: 17 April 2024

This two-hour online clinic-training session is designed to empower individuals in becoming more effective meeting hosts. The first focus is on the preparatory process. Participants will learn the intricacies of crafting compelling invitations, setting clear and concise agendas, and ensuring all necessary pre-meeting materials are provided to attendees. The session will guide attendees through strategies for defining the purpose of the meeting, selecting appropriate participants, and establishing expected outcomes. The second focus is on enhancing skills in managing meetings to ensure they are productive, decision-oriented, and conducive to a robust exchange of ideas. Participants will learn techniques for setting clear agendas, facilitating open and structured discussions, and encouraging active participation from all attendees. The session will also cover methods to derive well-informed and supported decisions from meetings. Interactive components, such as role-playing scenarios and group discussions, will provide practical experience. This training is ideal for professionals seeking to conduct more efficient, engaging, and outcome-focused meetings.

Keywords: Time management, personal effectiveness

Organizer: VIB

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  • Workshops and courses

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