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  • IFB French Institute of Bioinformatics

    The French Institute of Bioinformatics (CNRS IFB) is a national service infrastructure in...

    127 training materials
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    IFB French Institute of Bioinformatics The French Institute of Bioinformatics (CNRS IFB) is a national service infrastructure in bioinformatics. IFB’s principal mission is to provide basic services and resources in bioinformatics for scientists and engineers working in the life sciences. IFB is the French node of the European research infrastructure, ELIXIR. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/049/original/ifb-logo_1.png?1469458221

    EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) is a distributed national research...

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    EMBL-ABR EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) is a distributed national research infrastructure providing bioinformatics support to life science researchers in Australia. EMBL-ABR aims to: 1. increase Australia’s capacity to collect, integrate, analyse, exploit, share and archive the large heterogeneous data sets now part of modern life sciences research 2. contribute to the development of and provide training in data, tools and platforms to enable Australia’s life science researchers to undertake research in the age of big data 3. showcase Australian research and datasets at an international level 4. enable engagement in international programs that create, deploy and develop best practice approaches to data management, software tools and methods, computational platforms and bioinformatics services. EMBL-ABR is structured as a hub/nodes model, with the Hub located at Melbourne Bioinformatics (formerly VLSCI), University of Melbourne. EMBL-ABR is also currently exploring engagement with the European infrastructure for biological information, ELIXIR, and other relevant international efforts. One of EMBL-ABR Key areas is TRAINING, and as such we are involved in diverse projects relevant for bioinformatics training in Australia, with a current focus on Open Science and Bioinformatics. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/072/original/embl-australia-logo-colour-FIN-e1462860151765.jpg?1488905402
  • Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre

    Providing training to empower the next generation of metabolomics researchers. The Birmingham...

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    Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre Providing training to empower the next generation of metabolomics researchers. The Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre provides training to the metabolomics community in both analytical and computational methods. The training centre partners with both the Phenome Centre Birmingham and the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility to provide vocational training courses in clinical and environmental metabolomics. We offer a combination of both face-to-face and online courses. The Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre is directed by Dr Warwick Dunn, Professor Mark Viant, Dr Ralf Weber and Dr Catherine Winder. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/084/original/12106_BMTC_lock-up_AW-01.jpg?1508159124
  • ELIXIR Slovenia

    Slovenian national ELIXIR node

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    ELIXIR Slovenia Slovenian national ELIXIR node /system/content_providers/images/000/000/103/original/ELIXIR_SLOVENIA_white_background.png?1544083070
  • OpenRiskNet

    The main objective of OpenRiskNet is to develop an open e-Infrastructure providing resources and...

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    OpenRiskNet The main objective of OpenRiskNet is to develop an open e-Infrastructure providing resources and services to a variety of communities requiring risk assessment, including chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, therapeutic agents and nanomaterials. OpenRiskNet is * a virtual research environment for predictive toxicology and chemical and nanomaterial risk assessment, * harmonising access to data and facilitating interoperability of software, * easily deployable to single computers, public and in-house cloud solutions, * addressing the needs of industry and academic researchers, risk assessors, regulators and informed public. OpenRiskNet (Grant Agreement 731075) is a 3-years project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon2020 Programme /system/content_providers/images/000/000/097/original/ORN-Web_Logo3.png?1533933310
  • NanoCommons

    NanoCommons will deliver a sustainable and openly accessible nanoinformatics framework...

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    NanoCommons NanoCommons will deliver a sustainable and openly accessible nanoinformatics framework (knowledgebase and integrated computational tools, supported by expert advice, data interpretation and training), for assessment of the risks of NMs, their products and their formulations. NanoCommons combines Joint Research Activities to implement the nanoinformatics Knowledge Commons, Networking Activities to facilitate engagement with the research community, industry and regulators, and provision of funded Access to the nanoinformatics tools via funded calls for Transnational Access. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/099/original/NanoCommons-Logo-Sphere-Trans-White-circle-512px.png?1536048396
  • Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming"

    The Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming" is a non-profit research organisation...

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    Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming" The Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming" is a non-profit research organisation based in Vari, Athens, Greece. Since the beginning of its operations in 1998, the Center develops basic as well as translational and applied research programs at the cutting edge of modern biomedical sciences. Currently, the Center hosts 14 research groups distributed in 4 Institutes (Immunology, Molecular Oncology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Cellular & Developmental Biology). Over the short period since its establishment, BSRC "Alexander Fleming" has gained extensive visibility in the European science arena. Fleming researchers have established transgenic animal models for rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis and these models have served as a basis for multiple collaborations with the international biopharmaceutical industry in the evaluation of novel therapeutic compounds, or as tools for collaborative R&D. The Center is equipped with state-of-the-art Core Units which include: an Expression Profiling Facility, a Flow Cytometry Facility, a Protein Chemistry Lab, a Transgenics and gene targeting Unit, and a BioIT Unit, all of which serve internal collaborations, as well as external partners in academia and industry. The Center also runs an Innovation and Enterprise Unit that facilitates the protection and exploitation of the Center’s research and technologies. Fleming operates its own Animal House, which can house up to 15,000 mice, and has its own complete mouse histopathology unit. Fleming’s Animal house (certified with ISO 9001) provides husbandry of animals and services to the biomedical research community since 2001. It covers an area of approximately 600 m2 within the Center and is equipped with highly automated systems that provide the best possible conditions for mouse reproduction and maintenance. Its main activity is the reproduction and maintenance of mice stocks either of inbred strains or genetically engineered mice, such as transgenic and knockout mouse lines, as well as chemically induced mutants developed by Fleming researchers. The Animal House has a capacity to house more than 18,000 mice and is currently the largest Mouse Unit in Greece in terms of number and variety of mice. The Facility became a full member of EMMA in 2009. Main areas of research: Functional genomics and proteomics; Molecular and cellular immunology; Animal models of human disease; Transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms of gene regulation; DNA repair; Stem Cell differentiation; Epigenetics; Learning and memory; ECM biology. Fields of excellence: Molecular mechanisms of disease (inflammation, cancer, metabolic syndrome, CNS disorders). /system/content_providers/images/000/000/051/original/logo.png?1469458221
  • Jalview

    Jalview ( is free-to-use sequence alignment and analysis visualisation software...

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    Jalview Jalview ( is free-to-use sequence alignment and analysis visualisation software that links genomic variants, protein alignments and 3D structure. Protein, RNA and DNA data can be directly accessed from public databases (e.g. Pfam, Rfam, PDB, UniProt and ENA etc.). Jalview has editing and annotation functionality within a fully integrated, multiple window interface. The sequence alignment programs Clustal Omega, Muscle, MAFFT, ProbCons, T-COFFEE, ClustalW, MSA Prob and GLProb can be run directly from within Jalview. Jalview integrates protein secondary structure prediction (JPred), generate trees, assesses consensus and conservation across sequence families. Journal quality figures can be generated from the results. The Jalview Desktop will run on Mac, MS Windows, Linux and any other platform that supports Java. It has been developed in Geoff Barton's group ( in the School of Life Sciences ( at the University of Dundee with funding from the BBSRC and the Wellcome Trust. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/091/original/logo-boxg.png?1524735946
  • NORBIS, the Norwegian national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology

    NORBIS is the Norwegian research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology, and...

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    NORBIS, the Norwegian national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology NORBIS is the Norwegian research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology, and was founded in 2015. The school is a collaboration between eight Norwegian universities, and aims to build and unite competences at a national level. We develop new courses, build educational tracks and promote a new scientific community for our students. It is our aim that our graduate students will contribute strongly to methods development within the fields covered by the school, and that they will drive and contribute to the most important scientific projects in molecular life sciences in Norway and internationally. The NORBIS research school provides a high quality PhD education through its network of excellent research groups in Norway. We aim to educate method-oriented researchers, who in the next round will develop, teach, train, drive, and support use of bioinformatics, statistical genomics and computational biology within the wider area of molecular life science. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/098/original/400dpiLogo.jpg?1535006729
  • FAIRsharing

    FAIRsharing is a web-based, searchable portal of three interlinked registries, containing both...

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    FAIRsharing FAIRsharing is a web-based, searchable portal of three interlinked registries, containing both in-house and crowdsourced manually curated descriptions of standards, databases and data policies, combined with an integrated view across all three types of resource. By registering your resource on FAIRsharing, you not only gain credit for your work, but you increase its visibility outside of your direct domain, so reducing the potential for unnecessary reinvention and proliferation of standards and databases. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/109/original/FAIRsharing_logo.png?1544089458
  • Seqera Labs

    Founded by the creators of [Nextflow](, Seqera Labs mission is to foster...

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    Seqera Labs Founded by the creators of [Nextflow](, Seqera Labs mission is to foster the adoption of professional open source software and strengthen the community effort around the Nextflow ecosystem. We organize training events for your team or organization. These are intended for anyone who wishes to learn about the technology, starting from basic through to advanced concepts. Our most popular intensive two-day course includes topics on containerization, cloud deployment, Git integration and best practices for reproducibility. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/111/original/Seqera_Labs_-_grey.png?1553771707
  • Aurogra 100

    <p><strong>Aurogra: Free Yourself from the Pain of ED Impotence...

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