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SQL for Ecology: Instructor Notes

Note that the figshare download is an archive (.zip) file that rudely explodes all of the files into your current directory. See this slide deck as a sample intro for the lesson:
SQL Intro Deck Key points: If you’ve written up a diagram of the data analysis pipeline (raw data ->
clean data...

Ecology Workshop Overview

There are no pre-requisites, and the materials assume no prior knowledge about the tools. The data for this workshop are is the Portal Project Teaching Database available on FigShare, with a CC-BY license available for reuse. The Portal Project Teaching Database is a simplified version of the...

Data Carpentry Python for Ecologists

Data Carpentry's aim is to teach researchers basic concepts, skills,
and tools for working with data so that they can get more done in less
time, and with less pain. The lessons below were designed for those interested in
working with ecological data in Python. Data for this lesson is from the...

R for Social Scientists: Instructor Notes

This lesson uses SAFI_clean.csv. The direct download link for this file is: When time comes in the lesson to use this file, we recommend that the
instructors, place the download.file() command in the Etherpad, and that the
learners copy and paste...

InterMine user tutorial

InterMine integrates biological data sources, making it easy to query and analyse data. It is a downloadable platform that operators can install and integrate with their own systems.

InterMine is a generic model-based platform that is used to provide data to end users in many different life...

Keywords: Data querying, Data analysis, Data download, FAIR

Resource type: Tutorial