"Key-terms", a learning game for conceptual consolidation

A short presentation describing a new participatory method that easily engages course participants in gamestorming and helps to consolidate new knowledge, by collectively agreeing on ways to place concepts in mind maps.
"Key-terms" is a classroom game that can be played in a variety of contexts, from group discussions to several forms of Non-Formal learning (e.g. training) events. It helps a lot in engaging a small audience, following any wrap-up (recapitulation) session. Learners capture terms that they find conceptually important and contribute to a merged list. Then they are invited to pin these terms on a cork board in specified ways, such as placing related terms together (clustering), placing high order terms above lower order ones, etc. The instructor/facilitator can intervene at several levels in minimal, non-disturbing interventions, that help to contextualise what is happening. A depiction of how concepts are perceived in a class emerges quickly. This is, in practice, a visual concept map. The technique is being tested in the context of technical training provision, with the help of IT.

Keywords: Education, Instruction, Training

Target audience: Educators, Ontologists, Trainers

Authors: Pedro Fernandes

Remote created date: 2014-07-06

Remote updated date: 2017-10-09

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