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Introduction to research data management, data management planning and services provided by CSC – IT Center for Science

This training video series includes four short videos on research data management. The titles of the videos are the following:

  1. Introduction to data management for life science researchers
  2. Introduction to data management planning
  3. Introduction to sections of a generic ​data management plan​
  4. CSC research data management services for life science research

In the first part we go through data management basics, what it means and why it is important to manage research data. The video will also introduces the concept of FAIR data.

Second part discusses why data management planning is vital and what is a data management plan (DMP). We present how to get started in data management planning and what tools are available for creating a DMP.

In the third part we go through the sections of a generic data management plan.

Fourth part introduces data management services provided by CSC ja ELIXIR at different stages of a research project and of the data management life cycle. could be used during a research project. In our video an example research group has a sequencing project and we follow what services they use at different stages of their project.

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Keywords: DMP, RDM, plan, research data management, data management, data management plan, ELIXIR-CONVERGE, CONVERGE

Target audience: Researchers, Life Science Researchers, Undergraduate students, Master students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, Senior Researchers, Lab Managers, Postdocs and PhD Students with basic knowledge of DMPs. Participants in the "Introduction to Data Management Plans" workshop.

Resource type: Series of videos, Video, youtube video

Authors: Siiri Fuchs, Minna Ahokas

Contributors: Maria Lehtivaara

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