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Introduction to Data Management Practices - Versioning of data and code using Git

Version control is the lab notebook of the digital world: it’s what professionals use to keep track of what they’ve done and to collaborate with other people. Every large software development project relies on it, and most programmers use it for their small jobs as well. And it isn’t just for software: books, papers, small data sets, and anything that changes over time or needs to be shared can and should be stored in a version control system.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International

Contact: edu.intro-dm@nbis.se

Keywords: RStudio, Data management, CONVERGE, README

Target audience: Researcher in life sciences, PhD candidates, Scientists

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Status: Active


For this lesson you will need RStudio and a GitHub account

Learning objectives:

You will learn how to use version control in Git to

Avoid mailing revisions back and forth
Keep track of important revisions and changes in your files
Collaborate with others and merge revisions in a manner that avoids work getting lost, overwritten, or duplicated.

Authors: Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström, Erik Hedman

Contributors: Niclas Jareborg, Stephan Nylinder, Elin Kronander, Markus Englund, Yvonne Kallberg, Mattias Strömberg

Scientific topics: Data management, FAIR data, Software engineering

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