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Integrating to ELIXIR AAI -- instructions for developers

Elixir AAI is replaced by LS AAI, collection of material bellow are reffering to new trainings for developers of services for LS AAI and for Experimental AAI (in preparation). LS AAI service serves to authenticate the users and manage their access rights.


Webinar topic Link to webinar recording
Introduction to LS AAI Recording (1:15:32)
GA4GH Passport overview Recording (1:02:13) by GA4GH
GA4GH Passport deep-dive Recording (1:02:52) by GA4GH
GA4GH Passports training (obsolete) Recording (32:23)

Integrating a service to LS AAI using OpenID Connect

Topic Material Link
Configure a service to use LS AAI [Presentation]
How OpenID Connect works in LS AAI - TBD [Video]
How to integrate Keycloak to LS AAI - TBD [Video]
How to integrate Galaxy to LS AAI - TBD [On-line material]
Manual to integrate a relying service to LS AAI [On-line material]

Advanced topics

Topic Material Link
How to register to ELIXIR Multi-factor authentication - TBD [Video]
How to use ELIXIR Multi-factor authentication - TBD [Video]
SSH secure shell login using a QR code Video (1:32)

Keywords: AAI, IAM, Authentication, authorisation

Additional information

Target audience: software developers, bioinformaticians

Resource type: Webinar, Presentation, Documentation

Authors: Mikael Linden, Michal Prochazka, Dominik Frantisek Bucik, Jana Broncova

Scientific topics: Computer science

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