hands-on tutorial

Hands-on for '1: RNA-Seq reads to counts' tutorial

The questions this addresses are:
- How to convert RNA-seq reads into counts?
- How to perform quality control (QC) of RNA-seq reads?
- How to do this analysis efficiently in Galaxy?

The objectives are:
- Learn how RNA-seq reads are converted into counts
- Understand QC steps that can be performed on RNA-seq reads
- Generate interactive reports to summarise QC information with MultiQC
- Use the Galaxy Rule-based Uploader to import FASTQs from URLs
- Make use of Galaxy Collections for a tidy analysis
- Create a Galaxy Workflow that converts RNA-seq reads into counts

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Keywords: transcriptomics, collections, mouse, QC

Target audience: Students

Resource type: hands-on tutorial

Authors: Belinda Phipson, Harriet Dashnow, Maria Doyle

Contributors: Belinda Phipson, Harriet Dashnow, Maria Doyle

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