From Samples to Data : Assuring Downstream Analysis with Upstream Planning

Metagenomic studies have gained increasing popularity in the years since the introduction of next generation sequencing. NGS allows for the production of millions of reads for each sample without the intermediate step of cloning. However, just as in the past, the quality of the data generate by this powerful technology depends on sample preparation, library construction and the selection of appropriate sequencing technology and sequencing depth. Here we explore the different variables involved in the process of preparing samples for sequencing analysis including sample collection, DNA extraction and library construction. We also examine the various sequencing technologies deployed for routine metagenomic analysis and considerations for their use in different model systems including humans, mouse and the environment. Future developments such as long-reads will also be discussed to provide a complete picture of important aspects prior to data analyses which play a critical role in the success of metagenomic studies.

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Keywords: metagenomics

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Remote updated date: 2017-01-11