EMBL-ABR Best Practice workshop series: the data life-cycle

During the interactive workshops, participants were able to take their own data through the best-practice data life cycle following open data and FAIR principles. We also identified specific Australian needs in the research domains of plants, animals, microbes and health data that will help EMBL-ABR target future efforts and advice. Participants came away with a greatly improved understanding of where to find public research data, the importance of rich metadata in making their own data useful and discoverable, ontologies and controlled vocabularies, and where and how to deposit biological datasets in public repositories.

Scientific topics: Data types and objects, Data management

Keywords: bioinformatics, data

Target audience: Biologists, bioinformaticians

Difficulty level: Beginner

Licence: Other (Open)

Authors: Vicky Schneider

Contributors: Jyoti Khadake, Sandra Orchard, Dan Bolser, Suzanna Lewis

EMBL-ABR Best Practice workshop series: the data life-cycle https://tess.elixir-europe.org/materials/embl-abr-best-practice-workshop-series-the-data-life-cycle From 24-28 October 2016, the EMBL-ABR Hub ran a week-long Best Practice workshop series focussing on the Data Life Cycle for biological and bioinformatics data. International and local faculty members joined highly engaged participants from around Australia: students, postdocs, lecturers, other scientists, research assistants and research data managers. Jyoti Khadake Sandra Orchard Dan Bolser Suzanna Lewis Data types and objects Data management bioinformatics, data Biologists bioinformaticians