De Novo Assembly @ TGAC 2015

This course took place between 12-15 May 2015
The course will provide an introduction to de novo assembly, with a hands on introduction followed by in-depth analysis of the key steps in the process. It covers several aspects such as the initial setup of a de novo genome sequencing project, quality control and preprocessing of datasets, generation and evaluation of first pass assemblies, assembly improvement and finishing. Practical exercises will be performed on small-scale real datasets, including Illumina and Pacbio sequences, including best practices and tips based on TGAC’s faculty experience.
The course will consist of a mixture of conceptual lectures, methodological lectures and hands on sessions, as well as group activities and discussions. The participants will gain first-hand experience and understanding on NGS assembly, working with the assistance of the faculty, troubleshooting small problems, and reviewing the results.

Keywords: De novo

Target audience: PhD, post-docs

Authors: Paul Yorke

Remote created date: 2015-07-14

Remote updated date: 2017-10-09

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