CINECA discovery service catalog

This series of three videos describes and demonstrates the CINECA service catalog:

The first video introduces the Service Catalog, a searchable listing of query services available atop CINECA cohort data, and explains where it fits into CINECA’s set of interactive queries and data federation.

The second video demonstrates how a standalone service registry operates, and our extensions to the service info and service registry standards to include cohort-level metadata.

The third video demonstrates how a service registry can operate with additional functionality when integrated more closely with the services providing queries (here, Beacon queries).

Keywords: Cohort data, Standards, federated data analysis, Beacon queries

Resource type: Series of videos

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share-Alike 4.0

Authors: Jonathan Dursi, Jordi Rambla, Frédéric Haziza

CINECA discovery service catalog Description and demonstration of the CINECA service catalog Cohort data, Standards, federated data analysis, Beacon queries