Bioinformatics: Gene-protein-structure-function

This presentation examines the available in silico tools for protein structure and function prediction. It examines the major protein family databases (PROSITE, PRINTS, Pfam, etc.), and explores why tools like PSI-BLAST, while convenient and easy to use, may not always give optimal results. The presentation concludes with an analysis of 'expert' systems and integrated approaches (GeneQuiz, MAGPIE, InterPro, etc.), and dispels the commonly held notion that one database and/or one analysis tool is best.

Keywords: Expert systems, Genequiz, Protein family characterisation, Protein family databases, Protein sequence analysis, Psi blast

Target audience: beginner bioinformaticians, biocurators, postdoc, postgrad

Authors: Terri Attwood

Remote created date: 2013-07-12

Remote updated date: 2017-10-09

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