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Assessing the performance and impact of research infrastructures – An annotated bibliography

This document collates, in the form of an annotated bibliography, a wide range of published works (e.g. reports, academic publications, guidebooks and manuals, blogs) that are relevant to assessing the performance and impact of research infrastructures. Key ELIXIR-relevant publications are starred ⭐. This is the first public-facing version of an otherwise internal document, never meant to be exhaustive, yet very likely to be useful to others outside of ELIXIR. The primary audiences for this document are hence those wishing to understand, demonstrate and communicate the performance, impact, and ultimately public value of the research infrastructure they fund, host, create, operate and manage. The annotated bibliography is organised in six main sections: (1) Works relating to named research infrastructures, (2) Project outputs related to/involving research infrastructures, (3) Academic publications, (4) Impact evaluation manuals, (5) Other relevant publications, and (6) Blog articles. The authors warmly welcome suggestions for new entries to the bibliography.



Keywords: Impact, Research Infrastructure, Cost-benefit analysis, Econometrics, Public Value, Bibliography

Resource type: Tool, How-to guide

Version: 2023

Date created: 2023-10-13

Date published: 2023-10-13

Authors: ELIXIR

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