Date: 3 November 2021 @ 09:00 - 17:00

Timezone: Amsterdam

This is a follow up data stewardship workshop for the Marie Curie ITN ProEVLifeCycle (The prostate cancer Extracellular Vesicle LifeCycle)

FAIR and data stewardship - November 3th, 2021
Organiser: Dutch Techcentre For Life Sciences, DTL
Setup: Virtual meeting (corona-pandemic)
Duration: 2,5 hours


  • FAIR data stewardship generics (slides 4-9)
  • How to be FAIR aware (slides 10-25)
  • Recap: group efforts on FAIR data stewardship (slides 26-36)
  • Recap: ten practices: ‘prepare well to prevent data disaster’ (slides 37-47)
  • Next steps: FAIR awareness and group actions (slides 48-50)

It also includes the outcomes of the FAIR-Aware tool (, based on Vesa Akerman, Linas Cepinskas, Maaike Verburg, & Mokrane Mustapha. (2021). FAIR-Aware: Assess Your Knowledge of FAIR (v1.0.1). Zenodo.

Contact: Mijke Jetten (

Keywords: Data analysis, Data processing, Data collection, Data reuse, Data management planning, Data sharing, Data preserving

Organizer: DTLS - Dutch Techcentre For Life Sciences


  • By invitation

Target audience: Beginner, PhD candidate

Event types:

  • Workshops and courses

Scientific topics: Data management, FAIR data

Operations: Analysis, Data handling

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