Date: 28 - 29 November 2022

Timezone: Stockholm

Duration: Two days

Online course on using the Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Science (NeLS) and the national supported Galaxy ( The course will consist of lessons covering the necessary topics alternating with hands-on sessions to gain practical experience.

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The course is limited to 25 people. First come, first served. We will offer the same course frequently. If these courses are full, you will be able to apply for attending the next course.

By signing on to this training event you give consent that you accept our terms of use of NeLS and

You also give consent that your NeLS user will be added to a shared project folder in NeLS where the exercise data for the course will be stored. Other participants will be able to see that you have access to this shared project.

Contact: Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions regarding the event.

Keywords: data management, bioinformatics, NeLS, Data storage, data sharing, Data analysis, Data sharing, data analysis, Galaxy, galaxy-interface


There are no requirements for programming skills or experience using the command line, as Galaxy provides a web interface for running analysis.

You will need your FEIDE login credentials or NeLS idp (apply for NeLS idp) and a computer you have permissions to install software on

Note: Google Chrome have some compatibility issues with Galaxy, thus we recommend the following web browsers to be used: Firefox or Safari

Learning objectives:

The objective is to help teach you how you can use NeLS ( to store and share data, and to run analyses via customisable analysis workflows in You will practice on transferring data between NeLS and, and to construct and run a complete sequence analysis workflow in

Organizer: ELIXIR Norway


  • First come first served

Target audience: PhD candidates, PhD students, postdocs., Postdoctoral Researchers, postdoc, Researcher in life sciences, post-doctoral researchers and principle investigators working in wet-lab biology. Participants who are looking for a basic introduction to the bioinformatics resources offered by the EMBL-EBI and want to know more about accessing biological data and tools.

Capacity: 25

Cost basis: Free to all

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Data management, Genomics

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