TRP2021 is a five yearly international meeting focusing on ion channels of the TRP superfamily. In this fourth edition, world leaders in the field will address various aspects of TRP channel biology, from molecular studies and cell biology to TRP channel pathologies and drug development.

Topics that will be covered include:
- Structural biology of TRP channels
- TRP channels in thermosensation and thermoregulation
- TRP channels in pain and itch
- TRP channels in the cardiovascular system
- TRP channels and reproduction
- TRP channels in polycystic kidney disease
- Lysosomal TRP channels
- Drug development for TRP channel-related diseases

TRP2021 aims at academic researchers, clinicians and industry.

Format of the conference

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this conference will have a hybrid format offering speakers and participants the possibility to attend live or on line. The live meeting will be held in the Faculty Club in Leuven. Lectures will be live streamed, followed by interactive Q&A sessions. Participants can submit an abstract for a digital poster presentation. Those following the event online will receive a personal activation link after subscription, allowing access to the digital conference environment.

Information for abstract submissions

The deadline for abstract submissions is 16 August. Poster presenters have a chance to win the TRP2021 Poster Prize.

Start: Wednesday, 15 September 2021 @ 18:30

End: Friday, 17 September 2021 @ 18:00

Timezone: Brussels CET

Venue: Faculty Club

City: Leuven

Region: Vlaams-Brabant

Country: Belgium

Postcode: 3000

Organizer: TRP2021


Host institutions: KU Leuven, VIB

Keywords: TRP, TRP Channels, drug development, transient receptor potential

Capacity: 300

Event type:
  • Meetings and conferences

Sponsors: FWO, KU Leuven, DSI, CalibrationLab, Merck, VWR