Date: 20 March 2024 @ 13:00 - 16:00

High-throughput RNA-sequencing is now the standard technique for quantifying transcript abundance in a biological sample of interest. In this course we will describe the processes that take place once you submit a library for RNA sequencing. We will describe the steps involved to go from sequencing counts to a list of genes that show statistically significant differences between your biological conditions of interest. Practical sessions will use the user-friendly Degust interface ( to demonstrate tasks such as quality control and assessing differential expression. We will also showcase some web sites you can use for enrichment and pathways analysis


Keywords: bioinformatics, NGS, RNA-seq, online, transcriptomics, functional genomics

Venue: Bartolome House Seminar Room EG03, or ONLINE

City: Sheffield, or online

Country: United Kingdom

Postcode: S3 7ND

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  • Workshops and courses

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