Date: 22 April - 3 May 2024

Timezone: Copenhagen

Duration: Four days

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We are pleased to announce the Train-the-Trainer course, organised by ELIXIR Norway. It will take place every Monday and Friday between 22 April - 3 May 2024. The course is interactive and it is a good opportunity to share experience and knowledge, and learn from each other.

The Train-the-Trainer course is for anyone regardless of academic background, and not just for life scientists. The course offers guidance, ideas and tips for designing, teaching, development and delivery on training activities, all based on research-driven educational principles. It will address following four topics:
1. Learning principles and how they apply to training and teaching;
2. Design and plan session, course, materials;
3. Teaching techniques to enhance learner engagement and participation
4. Assessment and feedback in training and teaching

The course is free-of-charge, and will take place if there are at least 10 participants. Register at no later than Friday 12 April.


Keywords: Training technique, Train trainer, Train the Trainer, Train the trainer, Trainer skills, Training (Training), Training

Venue: Norway

Country: Norway


The course is for you who is interested in becoming a trainer/instructor, or improving your training skills. The course is for anyone regardless of academic background, and not just for life scientists. If you find yourself asking following questions, this course will be helpful to you.
1. How learning works?
2. How do I use learning principles and theories to improve my teaching/training?
3. How do I make my teaching/training more engaging and effective?
4. How should I adjust my teaching/training to different types of learners?
5. How do I ensure learning progress?
6. How do I assess whether my students are actually understanding my lessons?
7. What is the best balance between theory and practice?
8. How can I best assess whether learning is occurring and/or has occurred?
9. What works in a class and what doesn’t?

Learning objectives:

  • Get acquainted with learning principles and how they apply to training
  • Being able to select and use training techniques that can help enhance learner engagement and participation
  • Learning how to use assessment and feedback in training
  • Learning about session, course, and materials design

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this Train-the-Trainer course, learners will be able to:
- Name learning principles that a good teacher/instructor should have in mind
- Describe at least three training techniques, drawing on learning principles
- Design a training session and a course
- Develop assessment questionnaires
- Enumerate types of materials needed for each part of a training session or course

Organizer: ELIXIR Norway

Host institutions: University of Oslo, University of Tromsø


  • First come first served
  • Registration of interest

Target audience: Training instructors, Training Designers, Trainers, Training Organisers, Training Coordinators, trainers

Capacity: 30

Event types:

  • Workshops and courses

Tech requirements:

Stable internet.

Cost basis: Free to all

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