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    EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) is a distributed national research...

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    EMBL-ABR https://tess.elixir-europe.org/content_providers/embl-abr EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) is a distributed national research infrastructure providing bioinformatics support to life science researchers in Australia. EMBL-ABR aims to: 1. increase Australia’s capacity to collect, integrate, analyse, exploit, share and archive the large heterogeneous data sets now part of modern life sciences research 2. contribute to the development of and provide training in data, tools and platforms to enable Australia’s life science researchers to undertake research in the age of big data 3. showcase Australian research and datasets at an international level 4. enable engagement in international programs that create, deploy and develop best practice approaches to data management, software tools and methods, computational platforms and bioinformatics services. EMBL-ABR is structured as a hub/nodes model, with the Hub located at Melbourne Bioinformatics (formerly VLSCI), University of Melbourne. EMBL-ABR is also currently exploring engagement with the European infrastructure for biological information, ELIXIR, and other relevant international efforts. One of EMBL-ABR Key areas is TRAINING, and as such we are involved in diverse projects relevant for bioinformatics training in Australia, with a current focus on Open Science and Bioinformatics. /system/content_providers/images/000/000/072/original/embl-australia-logo-colour-FIN-e1462860151765.jpg?1488905402