Summarising Data

  1. Introduction

  2. Introduction to Data Summary & Types of data

  3. Continuous Data – Measures of Location

  4. Continuous Data – Measures of Spread & Accuracy

  5. Continuous Data with Skewed or Odd Distributions – Measures of Spread

  6. Choosing Appropriate Summary Statistics for Continuous Data

  7. Measures of Accuracy for Differences in Means & Medians

  8. Binary & Categorical Data – Measures of Location

  9. Binary & Categorical Data - Measures of Accuracy

  10. Binary & Categorical Data - Presentation

  11. Ordinal Data Summary

  12. Time to Event Data

  13. Presentation of Summary Statistics

  14. Summary: Summarising One Set of Data & Hypothesis Test

  15. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

  16. Data Management & Self-Learning

Keywords: Summarising data, Roslin Institute

Difficulty level: Beginner

Licence: Other (Not Open)

Authors: Helen Brown

Summarising Data Training session with Dr Helen Brown, Senior Statistician, at The Roslin Institute, December 2015. These training sessions were given to staff and research students at the Roslin Institute. The material is also used for the Animal Biosciences MSc course taught at the Institute. Summarising data, Roslin Institute