Scientific Figure Design

This course provides a practical guide to producing figures for use in reports and publications. It is a wide ranging course which looks at how to design figures to clearly and fairly represent your data, the practical aspects of graph creation, the allowable manipulation of bitmap images and compositing and editing of final figures.

The course will use a number of different open source software packages and is illustrated with a number of example figures adapted from common analysis tools.

Course Content

  • Data Visualisation Theory Lecture
  • Data Representation Practical
  • Ethics of Data Representation Lecture
  • Design Theory Lecture
  • GIMP Tutorial
  • GIMP Practical
  • Inkscape Tutorial
  • Inkscape Practical
  • Final Practical

Course Material

Licence: Other (Non-Commercial)

Keywords: Figure design, Babraham Institute

Authors: Simon Andrews, Anne Segonds-Pichon, Boo Virk

Scientific topics: Data visualisation

Activity log