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runBioSimulations tutorial and help

runBioSimulations is a web application for executing a broad range of modeling studies and visualizing their results. runBioSimulations uses BioSimulators to supports a broad range of modeling frameworks (e.g., logical, constraint-based, kinetic), simulation algorithms (e.g., CVODE, FBA, SSA), and modeling formats (e.g., BNGL, SBML). runBioSimulations also provides a REST API for programmatic access to the same simulation capabilities.

The runBioSimulations tutorial and help describes how to use this web application and web service to execute simulations and visualize their results. This includes instructions on how to create COMBINE/OMEX archives of modeling projects.

Licence: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

Keywords: biosimulators, COMBINE, OMEX, SED-ML, Modeling, dynamic simulations, SBML, BNGL

Target audience: modelers

Resource type: Tutorial, Documentation

Authors: Jonathan Karr

Contributors: Ion Moraru, Bilal Shaikh, Gnaneswara Marupilla

Scientific topics: Systems biology, Computational biology, Simulation experiment

Operations: Modelling and simulation

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