RSE training in algorithms for exascale simulations

This ExCALIBUR project will run two three-day workshops and a Summer School for RSEs (Research Software Engineers) to provide training in state-of-the-art algorithms and core knowledge of the underlying foundational mathematical and numerical analysis on which they are based. The materials developed in advance of, and during, these events will be curated and shared online to either be used as standalone material for individual training or to form the basis of future summer schools.

Through this training, RSEs we have an opportunity to embed the progress made in these areas into the core of academic research and industrial applications in exascale simulations. The RSEs will be trained in algorithms so that they can take an active part in research in this area and be capable of making informed and creative design choices when writing and optimising software.


Keywords: exascale similations, Research software, RSE

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Status: Active

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