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Introduction to the EGA and its Ecosystem of Tools

The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) is a resource for archiving of all types of potentially identifiable genetic, phenotypic, and clinical data resulting from biomedical research projects. Its mission is to foster hosted data reuse, enable reproducibility, and accelerate biomedical and translational research.

To promote the use and interaction with professionals in research and education, we invite you to attend our first online workshop on the EGA and its ecosystem of tools. The goal of this training would be to present EGA repositories and tools so that they can be incorporated into your research or teaching. This online course is aimed at teachers, professors and trainers interested in incorporating these concepts and tools in their curriculums.

Keywords: e-learning, bioinformatics, Genomics

Target audience: Researchers, Professors

Resource type: Video, Presentation

Learning objectives:

  • To identify the EGA repositories and tools.
  • To incorporate the repositories and tools into your research or teaching.

Scientific topics: Genomics, Bioinformatics

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