Introduction to Experimental Design

  1. Introduction

  2. Achieving Statistical Significance

  3. Achieving Generalisable Results

  4. Avoiding Bias

  5. Questions to Address When Planning

  6. Examples of Experimental Designs

  7. Randomised Block Design

  8. Crossover & Repeated Measures Designs

  9. Pilot & Proof of Concept Studies

  10. Main points

Keywords: Experimental design, Roslin Institute

Difficulty level: Beginner

Licence: Other (Not Open)

Authors: Helen Brown

Introduction to Experimental Design Training session with Dr Helen Brown, Senior Statistician, at The Roslin Institute, January 2016. These training sessions were given to staff and research students at the Roslin Institute. The material is also used for the Animal Biosciences MSc course taught at the Institute. Experimental design, Roslin Institute