Health data research infrastructures

small-medical-computer.jpegMany countries around the world are starting to organise national health data research networks, investing hundreds of millions of dollars, euros, yuan, pounds, etc. in such initiatives. Some of these are organized by the government, such as the NIH All of Us Program in the U.S. and Genomics England, others are started by businesses such as PatientsLikeMe or by patient organizations such as DuchenneConnect. And then there are research-driven infrastructures such as ELIXIR and BBMRI and multi-stakeholder initiatives such as PCORI and HealthRI.
During this webinar, we are going to discuss the current technical practice of establishing health data research infrastructures, our experience in building them or advising on that, and the key elements of success that one should not overlook in order to build a healthy, long-lasting health data research network.

Authors: Kees van Bochove, Irina Pulyakhina

Scientific topics: Biomedical science

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