Rare and complex urogenital diseases and condition webinars (eUROGEN ERN)

The eUROGEN (Rare congenital Uro-recto-genital anomalies) ERN runs a monthly webinar programme.
Details of upcoming webinars can be found here: https://eurogen-ern.eu/news-media/upcoming-events/.
Recordings of previous session are also available:
- Reconstructive surgery in females of vesicovaginal fistulae, vaginal mass, and urethral diverticulae
- A practical webinar focusing on rare functional urological diseases and Adrenal incidentaloma: to biopsy or not?
- Complex urethral reconstruction in males with case presentations
- Proximal hypospadias
- Fertility preservation following testis cancer

Keywords: Rare Diseases & Research

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Target audience: healthcare professionals, health professionals

Resource type: Webinar, e-learning

Scientific topics: Rare diseases