Webinars on rare neuromuscular diseases (EURO-NMD)

EURO-NMD provides educational webinars on a monthly basis to increase the knowledge around different specialist areas related to the neuromuscular field. Each webinar lasts approximately one hour with the opportunity for viewers to ask questions on the subject area. The recordings and slides will be available on the EURO-NMD website for viewers to refer to or in case someone who has expressed an interest is unable to make the live webinar.

Scientific topics: Rare diseases

Keywords: Rare Diseases & Research

Resource type: Webinar, e-learning

Target audience: healthcare professionals, Neurologists, health professionals

Difficulty level: Advanced

Webinars on rare neuromuscular diseases (EURO-NMD) https://tess.elixir-europe.org/materials/ern-rnd-webinars Rare neuromuscular diseases webinars Rare diseases Rare Diseases & Research healthcare professionals Neurologists health professionals