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ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee #5: Data Management with Data Stewardship Wizard

This short presentation was presented as part of the Friday Coffee presentation series organized by the ELIXIR CZ infrastructure and offered students a basic insight into data management and data management plans, which are important (not only) for the success of scientific projects, but increasingly for grant applications as well. The presentation also introduced students to the possibility of creating these plans using the Data Stewardship Wizard, a tool that creates the data management plan by filling out a simple, synoptic questionnaire. It offers a simple and very effective solution without the need for deep knowledge of data stewardship or data management.

Video available here.

Keywords: data management plan, data stewardship, FAIR, data management, software tools

Target audience: Researchers, data managers, data stewards

Resource type: Video, Webinar

Authors: Jana Freeman, Tereza Machacova

Scientific topics: Data management

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