EATRIS Transmed Academy - course on translational medicine

Online course on the landscape of translational medicine
An online course for the next generation of translational scientists (PhDs, Postdocs and MDs) is touching upon key aspects of translational research and medicines development. You will learn more about target validation, predictive models, biomarkers, clinical trials, IP and European regulations through a variety of learning activities such as reading assignments, videos, quizzes and mindmaps. The course is self-paced and upon successful completion of the course, a certificate can be obtained. Student investment time for the whole course approximately 10 hours.
Webinar series on neuroimaging and quality & reproducibility.

Scientific topics: Rare diseases

Keywords: Rare Diseases & Research

Resource type: e-learning, Webinar

Target audience: PhD Students, healthcare professionals, postdocs

Difficulty level: Advanced

EATRIS Transmed Academy - course on translational medicine e-learning platform which hosts online courses as well as recordings of webinar series. Rare diseases Rare Diseases & Research PhD Students healthcare professionals postdocs