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DE-Sim examples, tutorials, and documentation

DE-Sim is an open-source, Python-based object-oriented discrete-event simulation (DES) tool that makes it easy to use large, heterogeneous datasets and high-level data science tools such as NumPy, Scipy, pandas, and SQLAlchemy to build and simulate complex computational models. Similar to Simula, DE-Sim models are implemented by defining logical process objects which read the values of a set of shared variables and schedule events to modify their values at discrete instants in time.

This website provides examples, tutorials, and documentation for DE-Sim.

Licence: MIT License

Keywords: data-driven modeling, Computational modelling, discrete-event simulation, DES, object-oriented programming, Python, data visualization, Data Science

Target audience: computational scientists, Computational biologists, bioinformaticians, software engineers, programmers

Resource type: examples, Tutorial, Jupyter notebook, API reference

Authors: Jonathan Karr, Arthur Goldberg

Scientific topics: Simulation experiment, Computer science, Mathematics, Computational biology

Operations: Modelling and simulation, Visualisation

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