Computational Bioimaging: From images to data


We make extensive use of both light and electron microscopy in our research. The aquisition of images by a microscope is only the beginning of the process of extracting meaningful and useful information from those images. As well as extracting information, it's vitally important that we can create transparent and reproducible analyses to support our conclusions. This course will conver the process of dealing with microscopy data, converting between formats, analysing images in a clear and reproducible fashion and preparing images for publication.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the principles of image processing and analysis.
  • Know how to make your analyses consistent and reproducible.
  • Know how convert image data formats and prepare figures for publication.
  • Use Fiji to handle and process images.
  • Batch process images with Python.
  • Use OMERO to manage your microscopy data.

Licence: Other (Not Open)

Keywords: John Innes Centre, JIC

Target audience: Those interesting in exploring the data contained in their microscopy images, or those planning microscopy as part of their research programme

Authors: Matthew Hartley

Scientific topics: Imaging, Bioimaging

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