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Cloud-SPAN Prenomics

Prenomics prepares learners for the Cloud-SPAN Genomics course. It teaches the basics of command-line programming, including: (1) file directory structure, (2) use of command-line utilities to connect to and use cloud computing and storage resources and (3) basic shell commands for file navigation and basic script writing.


Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Keywords: Cloud computing, Shell, Command line, Amazon Web Services, genomics, HPC, Data analysis, bioinformatics

Target audience: Graduate students, Students, Biologists, PhD Students, Researchers, Post Docs

Resource type: course materials, online course, Training materials

Version: 0.1.0

Status: Active



Learning objectives:

  1. Learn about files and directories, log onto a cloud instance and get a basic introduction to the shell.
  2. Learn more about using the shell to navigate directories, manipulate and search files and use basic loops to iterate commands.

Date created: 2022-03-31

Date published: 2022-10-18

Authors: Emma Rand, Sarah Forrester, Annabel Cansdale, Jorge Buenabad-Chavez, Evelyn Greeves

Contributors: James Chong, Emma Barnes, University of York, Software Sustainability Institute

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Software engineering, Genomics

Operations: Query and retrieval, Data handling

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