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BioSimulators tutorial and help

BioSimulators is a registry of containerized biosimulation tools that provide consistent command-line interfaces. The BioSimulations web application helps investigators browse this registry to find simulation tools that have the capabilities (supported modeling frameworks, simulation algorithms, and modeling formats) needed for specific modeling projects.

The BioSimulators help describes how to use this registry:
- How to find a containerized simulation tools that are capable of executing a modeling study.
- How to use containerized simulation tools to execute modeling studies.
- How to containerize a simulation tool and submit it to the BioSimulators registry.

Licence: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

Keywords: Modeling, biomodel, dynamic simulations, COMBINE, OMEX, SED-ML, SBML, BNGL

Target audience: modelers, Computational biologists, software developers, bioinformaticians

Resource type: Tutorial, Documentation

Authors: Jonathan Karr

Contributors: Ion Moraru, Bilal Shaikh

Scientific topics: Systems biology, Computational biology, Simulation experiment

Operations: Modelling and simulation

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