Basic Statistical Tests

  1. Introduction

  2. Hypothesis Testing

  3. Choosing Between Parametric & Non-Parametric Tests

  4. T-Test for Comparing Two Groups

  5. T-Test – Interpreting Software Output

  6. Paired T-Test

  7. Mann-Whitney U-Test to Compare Two Groups When Data Are Not Normally Distributed

  8. Log-Rank Test for Analysing ‘Time to Event’ Data

  9. Methods to Compare Three or More Groups

  10. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

  11. Kruskall-Wallis Test for Non-Normal Data

  12. Hypothesis Testing – Points to Remember

  13. Reporting Results & Format for P-Values

  14. Practical Exercise Roundup

  15. Tests for Binary & Categorical Data – Introduction

  16. Chi-Square Test & Fisher’s Exact Test - Binary Data

  17. Chi-Square Test & Fisher’s Exact Test for Unordered Categorical Data

  18. Tests for Ordinal Categorical Data

  19. Correlation Analysis

  20. Regression Analysis

  21. Spearman Rank Correlation Analysis for Non-Normal Data

  22. Introduction to Multiple Regression & Logistic Regression

  23. Summary of Tests

  24. Going Beyond Simple Comparisons

  25. Statistical Packages

Keywords: Statistical tests, Roslin Institute

Difficulty level: Beginner

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Authors: Helen Brown

Basic Statistical Tests Training session with Dr Helen Brown, Senior Statistician, at The Roslin Institute, December 2015. These training sessions were given to staff and research students at the Roslin Institute. The material is also used for the Animal Biosciences MSc course taught at the Institute. Statistical tests, Roslin Institute