Date: 20 - 21 June 2024

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Single cell sequencing of RNA libraries (scRNA-seq) is a major scientific breakthrough that enables the transcriptomic study of cellular and tissue heterogeneity, in contrast to traditional bulk tissue transcriptomics methods. While many concepts are shared between scRNA-seq and bulk RNA-seq computational analysis workflows, there are many new scRNA-seq analysis concepts and methods. The CBW has developed a 2-day course that provides an introduction to scRNA-seq data analysis with integrated tutorials demonstrating the use of current scRNA-seq analysis tools. The tutorials are designed as self-contained units that include example data and detailed instructions for installation of all required bioinformatics tools.

City: Toronto

Region: Ontario

Country: Canada


Basic familiarity with Unix commands and the R scripting language. Previous attendance at the CBW RNA-seq Analysis workshop is recommended. This workshop requires participants to complete pre-workshop tasks and readings. You will also require your own laptop computer. Minimum requirements: 1024×768 screen resolution, 1.5GHz CPU, 8GB RAM, 10GB free disk space, recent versions of Windows, Mac OS X or Linux (Most computers purchased in the past 3-4 years likely meet these requirements). 

Learning objectives:

Participants will gain practical experience and skills to be able to: Perform basic bioinformatics tasks such as tool installation Perform read alignment and transcript quantification Perform quality control Visualize and interpret scRNA-seq data Perform clustering and differential expression analysis  Annotate cell clusters Integrate scRNA-seq data sets

Capacity: 26

Event types:

  • Workshops and courses

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