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ELIXIR AAI Engagement Meetings Materials

ELIXIR AAI is an ELIXIR Compute Platform service that other services can use to authenticate their users and manage their access rights.
In the ELIXIR AAI Tas, we are preparing regular Community engagement meetings where we would like to share and discuss together new AAI needs,...

Scientific topics: Computer science

Keywords: AAI, IAM, Authentication, authorisation

Resource type: Documentation, Presentation

GA4GH Passports and ELIXIR AAI

The training (delivered 23 June 2021) consisted of one hour of presentations (recorded stream), followed by a hands-on exercise with a Virtual Machine. In the hands-on part the trainees integrate their VM to ELIXIR AAI as an OpenID Connect client to...

Keywords: AAI , GA4GH, Passports, Auhtorisation

Resource type: Training materials, Video

Plant Phenotyping Data managment Webinar (MIAPPE)

The Minimal Information About Plant Phenotyping Experiment, MIAPPE (, has been designed by ELIXIR, EMPHASIS and Bioversity international, to guide plant scientist in the management of experimental data. Furthermore, since genetic studies relies on the integration and the linking...

Scientific topics: Plant biology, Phenomics, Data quality management, Data submission, annotation, and curation

Operations: Standardisation and normalisation

Resource type: Video, Slides

FAIR principles applied to bioinformatics

The French Institute of Bioinformatics (IFB) has organised in partnership with the Institute of Integrative Biology (I2BC) a training course for bioinformaticians and biostatisticians wishing to implement the "FAIR" principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) in their analysis and...

Keywords: FAIR, Reproducible Science, Open science, Data analysis, Data processing

Resource type: Training materials

BioSimulators tutorial and help

BioSimulators is a registry of containerized biosimulation tools that provide consistent command-line interfaces. The BioSimulations web application helps investigators browse this registry to find simulation tools that have the capabilities (supported modeling frameworks, simulation algorithms,...

Scientific topics: Systems biology, Computational biology, Simulation experiment

Operations: Modelling and simulation

Keywords: Modeling, biomodel, dynamic simulations, COMBINE, OMEX, SED-ML, SBML, BNGL

Resource type: Tutorial, Documentation

Integrating to ELIXIR AAI -- instructions for developers

Elixir AAI is replaced by LS AAI, collection of material bellow are reffering to new trainings for developers of services for LS AAI and for Experimental AAI (in preparation). LS AAI service serves to authenticate the users and manage their access rights.


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Scientific topics: Computer science

Keywords: AAI, IAM, Authentication, authorisation

Resource type: Webinar, Presentation, Documentation

Data harmonization and enrichment using EMBL-EBI ontology tools

This video explains how the Zooma annotation tool, the OxO mapping service and the Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) can be used to harmonise and enrich biological and biomedical data.
The EMBL-EBI Ontology Tools can be used by both biological curators and software developers. Biological curators...

Scientific topics: Data management, Data submission, annotation, and curation, Ontology and terminology

Keywords: CINECA, data harmonization, Annotation, Ontologies

Resource type: Video

Helis Academy - FAIRify your data

FAIRify your data: FAIRification & Data modelling using linked data

Keywords: linked data, Wikidata, data management

Resource type: Slides

Essential Steps of the FAIRification Process

Since 2014, a number of FAIR Stakeholders have developed tools and methods around the FAIRifcation of typical datasets. In the last 5 years, these efforts were field tested in a series of "Bring Your Own Data" Workshops" (

This document records the...

Keywords: FAIR, data stewardship, metadata, linked data

Resource type: Training materials


Introduction to BioJS a standard for visualisation of biological data in JavaScript

Keywords: Biojs, Javascript, Software, Standards

SV-Autopilot: the new face of Structural Variant Detection

Although there are many tools designed for structural variation (SV) analysis there has been no bench mark study to guide scientists in choosing the best tool for their particular data set. In this test case, AllBio Test Case 2 – Identification of Large Structural Variants, a researcher is eager...

Keywords: Ngs bioinformatics, Structural variations