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Target audience: PhD Students 

Spatial Omics Data Analysis

This is an international course hosted by the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (ELIXIR-SE) in collaboration with the Human Developmental Cell Atlas (HDCA), the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University, Charité Clinical University...

Keywords: spatial, Multiomics, In situ sequencing, Spatial Transcriptomics, Single cell RNAseq

Resource type: FREE online course, course materials, online course

EATRIS Transmed Academy - course on translational medicine

Online course on the landscape of translational medicine
An online course for the next generation of translational scientists (PhDs, Postdocs and MDs) is touching upon key aspects of translational research and medicines development. You will learn more about target validation, predictive models,...

Scientific topics: Rare diseases

Keywords: Rare Diseases & Research

Resource type: e-learning, Webinar

Research Data Management online courses

eLearning course about the importance of good research data management (RDM).
The Danish National Forum for Data Management and the Danish Universities have developed the eLearning course “Research Data Management”. The course is divided into 3 independent modules : Introduction; FAIR...

Scientific topics: Rare diseases

Keywords: Rare Diseases & Research

Resource type: e-learning

Galaxy Proteomics workshop Prague 2018

Materials from the ELIXIR workshop “Galaxy Proteomics workshop Prague 2018”, Oct 4-5 2018 at the IOCB, Prague, Czech Republic

Scientific topics: Proteomics

Keywords: Galaxy, training, proteomics, eLearning, EeLP

Resource type: course materials, Training materials, Slides