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Target audience: Life sciences 

Data Management Planning workshop for new Life Science Projects

Slides from Data Management Planning online workshop for Life Science Projects for researchers

Scientific topics: Data management

Operations: Deposition, Data handling, Data retrieval

Keywords: data management plan, NeLS, TSD, metadata, sensitive, data publication, data protection, storage, identifiers, DMP, licensing, Compliance, data life cycle - collect, data life cycle - reuse, data life cycle - analyse, data life cycle - process, data life cycle - preserve, data life cycle - share, data life cycle - plan

Resource type: Slides

EMBL-EBI Train Online

If you work in the life sciences, you may find that you’re spending less time doing experiments and more time analysing huge amounts of biological data. Train online is here to help you do this quickly and efficiently.

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Chemical biology, Cross domain, Dna rna, Gene expression, Literature, Ontologies, Proteins, Structures, Systems