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Scientific topics: Software engineering 

FAIR software tools

In this talk, I will discuss the importance of the FAIR principles for the software tools we use to process data. Ranging from small analysis scripts to full fledged data processing pipelines, software needs to be FAIR to enable other researchers to reproduce our own experiments and reuse our...

Scientific topics: Software engineering

Keywords: FAIR, software tools, Software

Resource type: Video

Introduction to R

R is a popular language and environment that allows powerful and fast manipulation of data, offering many statistical and graphical options. This course aims to introduce R as a tool for statistics and graphics, with the main aim being to become comfortable with the R environment. It will focus...

Scientific topics: Software engineering

Keywords: R programming, Babraham Institute

Learning Python


  • Programming basics
  • Python data structures
  • Functions part 1
  • Functions part 2 (main, modules and variable scope)
  • Reading and writing files
  • Exception and documentation
  • Plotting graphs
  • Data bases part 1
  • Data bases part 2
  • XML and Web...

Scientific topics: Software engineering

Python for Biologists: Programming for Scientific Computing


Python is a flexible programming language that is becoming increasingly popular for scientific computing. The course is is split into 12 modules and runs over two half days. At the end of each module there a number of exercises to help solidify the learning. By the end of...

Scientific topics: Software engineering

Keywords: Python for Biologists, John Innes Centre, JIC

Introduction to R: A software environment for statistical computing


R is a programming language and associated environment developed for statistical computing and data analysis. It provides many powerful tools for statistics, data visualisation and bioinformatics.

Learning outcomes

  • What R is suitable for.
  • How to use R...

Scientific topics: Software engineering, Statistics and probability

Keywords: John Innes Centre, JIC

Introduction to Perl: Programming for bioinformatics


Perl is a programming language for getting your job done. It is designed to make the easy jobs easy, without making the hard jobs impossible. Perl is also well known for BioPerl, a collection of modules which greatly simplify complicated bioinformatics tasks.

Scientific topics: Software engineering

Keywords: perl, John Innes Centre, JIC

Python programming primer

The purpose of this training is to teach general programming concepts using Python as an instruction tool.
Introduction to Python: basic principles.
Python data structures: strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries, sets.
Object-oriented programming: how to model coffee machines in Python...

Scientific topics: Software engineering

Keywords: Python biologists